Offering a conversational IVR will reduce costs,
provide better customer experiences, and maximize return on investment.


Conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables human-like interactions that allow individuals to self-serve and successfully resolve issues within the IVR. It delivers an intuitive service experience that anticipates the caller’s needs and enables them to interact with the system naturally, in their own words. It creates an intelligent, personalized experience that feels like they’re speaking with a live agent.

Reduce Operational Cost

Improved Customer Experience

Lower TCO

Maximum Return on Technology Investments



Calls per day over speech


Concurrent Calls


Keywords Tuning



Success story with SBI Mutual Funds

SBI Mutual Funds had a problem in fetching the appropriate Fund name from customer over the conventional IVRs as it was limited with DTMF options.

Decision has been taken to shift the whole IVR in conversational speech IVR, where a flexibility of getting input from the customer was a hit.

More than 250 Funds mapped over voice codes at Mumbai site and worked perfectly. Accuracy calculated was over 99% and management taken decision to scale up the capacity by adding another site at Bangalore with same number of Funds over voice input.

Both the sites are LIVE and shown accuracy more than the expected numbers and are getting huge number of calls per day.